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Goal 4: Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

Investing in the SFMTA workforce is a critical element to the overall achievement of the agency’s goals and objectives. When staff have the resources and tools to succeed, they can become more efficient, effective, and prepared to deliver services in support of all agency goals and objectives. These resources could range from physical safety equipment and project delivery process improvements, to new community engagement training courses and professional development programs. Together, they will create a solid foundation for the agency’s workforce and establish a baseline for how all teams work together, communicate, engage with the community, and more effectively and efficiently deliver projects and services.

You can track our progress in implementing these objectives by checking out the interactive dashboards for the performance metrics. As we develop the dashboards for the performance metrics outlined in the SFMTA Strategic Plan, they will be posted online there. In the meantime, full reporting on all agency metrics is available in the monthly Strategic Plan Progress Reports.


Objective 4.1: Strengthen morale and wellness through enhanced employee engagement, support, and development.

Improving the morale of the workforce will lead to greater staff engagement and an overall greater ability to deliver community services and projects. Through ongoing efforts, including recognition programs, professional development, and training opportunities, the agency can move towards being a more collaborative workplace that trains and engages staff at all locations and job classifications.

Objective 4.2: Improve the safety, security, and functionality of SFMTA work environments.

No matter where the work is located – be it in an agency vehicle, at a maintenance facility, on the street, or in an office – the agency’s staff must have a safe and secure environment in which to perform their duties. In addition to these workplace safety and security considerations, the agency’s workplace operations can be enhanced by implementing the facility and equipment upgrades necessary to ensure staff are at their most productive. By coordinating the safety and security of SFMTA staff with other internally-focused programs that support Goal 4, the agency is prioritizing a stable, comprehensive, and fully supportive workplace for all staff.

Objective 4.3: Enhance customer service, public outreach, and engagement.

Effective communications and consistent messaging can create meaningful opportunities for community input, give policymakers the information they need to support their communities, and improve the agency’s projects and service delivery. Not only is community engagement critical in developing near-term projects that serve the community, it can also benefit long-term, comprehensive efforts related to safety, transit service, and mode choice. Placing this objective in Goal 4 underscores the agency’s commitment to not only improve agency communications and engagement processes, but to also overhaul the agency’s internal communications processes to better serve the public and agency staff.

Objective 4.4: Create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

The agency’s workforce should reflect the diversity and cultural competency of the city. As such, the agency will continue to comply with regulatory directives to ensure equity in how the agency hires staff, allocates resources, and delivers services. The SFMTA will also work to evolve into a more diverse and inclusive workplace though a commitment to treating people respectfully regardless of position; accepting, understanding, and valuing the unique qualities of people; and forging the open-minded and inclusive attitudes that are vital in building a functioning and fair workplace that accords all staff the respect they deserve.

Objective 4.5: Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and project delivery through the implementation of best practices.

Under this objective, the SFMTA is committed to improving administrative operations to increase the overall efficiency of the agency and help teams work together more effectively. The agency will also continue to research and implement best practices that further improve processes and better serve the public. These operational changes, over time and across work units, will result in improved delivery of projects, programs, and services.