UPDATE: The 9 is now back on Market St. and resuming regular route. (More: 24 in last 48 hours)

Geary Boulevard Improvement Project Proposals (Spring 2022)

In fall 2021 we asked neighbors what their priorities are for the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project. Thanks to input from over 600 community members, the SFMTA has used this feedback to draft the detailed project design. The proposed design includes:

  • Installing transit lanes between 28th and 15th avenues. To make room, angled parking on Geary would be converted to parallel parking.
  • Relocating 11 bus stops and removing two closely-spaced stops to improve transit performance.
  • Traffic signal upgrades, new bus bulb-outs and lengthening bus zones that are too short to accommodate two buses.
  • Safety improvements, including pedestrian bulb-outs, daylighting, expanded median refuges and left-turn restrictions at key intersections.

To help offset the loss of about two parking spaces per block face on average, we are proposing to increase parking spaces on side streets and make curb space changes to accommodate merchant needs, including evening and Sunday metering in Central Richmond.

See the detailed block-by-block design proposals

Download the complete package of all Geary Boulevard Improvement Project drawings from 34th Avenue to Stanyan Street

Accessible text version of Geary Boulevard Improvement Project proposals

Overview of proposed transit and safety improvements