Better Market Street Project

Project Overview

The Better Market Street Project is a collaborative effort to redesign San Francisco’s most important street. Market Street can become a place where people can gather, spend time and enjoy the sights of the city, as well as a convenient way to access transit, connect by bicycle and walk to diverse destinations along the corridor.

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Project Details

Market Street is the most important multi-modal corridor in San Francisco. It integrates three levels of public transportation and carries almost 200,000 passengers a day on the surface alone. On a typical weekday, over 200,000 people walk along its length, getting to work, going shopping, visiting museums and enjoying the sites of the city. Finally, cycling is becoming an increasingly important way to get around, with bicycles outnumbering vehicles at various times during the day.

The current design accommodates the demands of the various modes, but it falls well short of its potential. The City believes more can and should be done to dramatically improve the efficiency, comfort and ease of Transit First modes through the corridor. Achieving this vision, however, will require changes to how the roadway is designed, which modes get priority in the limited roadway, and how vehicles circulate throughout the area. The trade-offs will not be simple and the need for community involvement is great. At the same time, the mobility demands placed on Market Street will need to be balanced against the need for greater placemaking.

The Better Market Street project offers a special opportunity to envision a new Market Street. The goal of the project is to revitalize Market Street from Octavia Boulevard to The Embarcadero and reestablish the street as the premier cultural, civic and economic center of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The new design should create a comfortable, universally accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable place that attracts more people on foot, bicycle and public transit to visit shops, adjacent neighborhoods and area attractions.