Large Vehicle Urban Driving Safety Program

Project Overview

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The Large Vehicle Urban Driving Safety Program ensures, using a short training video and training requirements, that people who drive large vehicles in the City have been informed about the dangers and challenges of driving on the crowded streets of San Francisco near people walking and biking. The training video is available for streaming on YouTube and is free to anyone who would like to view it and use it with their drivers. The training video is required of all large vehicle drivers who work for the City. Contractors with the SFMTA is required to have any of their large vehicle drivers who drive in San Francisco either view the training video, or be trained in a manner that meets the training standards posted on this page.

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Project Details

The SFMTA's Large Vehicle - Safe Streets Working Group, which included representatives from the trucking industry, companies who regularly drive large vehicles in San Francisco, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, safety experts, and City agencies, issued its report and recommendations in August 2014.  One of the Working Group's recommendations was to "develop a driver education curriculum."

The SFMTA then convened a smaller working group representing the same groups to develop a training curriculum and standards regarding driving large vehicles on crowded city streets around people walking and biking.  The working group met four times between September and December 2014, and completed the training standards and a curriculum outline in December 2015.  The training standards are posted on this page.

The training standards and curriculum outline have been used to develop a short (approximately 15-minute) training video that is available for free to anyone who wishes to view it. All large vehicle drivers who work for the City will view the training video.  In addition, anyone who works for an SFMTA contractor and drives a large vehicle in San Francisco must complete a large vehicle urban safety training, either by viewing the training video or by receiving training that meets the training standards. 

"Large vehicle" is defined as any single vehicle or combination of vehicle and trailer with an unladen weight of 10,000 lbs or more, or a van designed to carry 10 or more people.