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14 Mission Rapid Project

Project Introduction


The 14 Mission Rapid Project aimed to:

  1. Improve safety on Mission Street
  2. Improve reliability and travel time of Mission Street bus routes for the 67,000 daily riders
  3. Improve access via Muni for local residents to get to work, school, appointments, or shopping
  4. Balance the needs of all people using Mission Street
Project Status


Safer roadway:
  • Reduced Muni collisions by 85 percent. There were only seven Muni related collisions in the project corridor since March 27. During the same period last year, there were 45 Muni related collisions.
  • No change to pedestrian and auto collisions on Mission Street compared to prior to the project. While it is too early to make a conclusion, there has been no improvement or worsening of collisions on Mission Street.
  • 81 percent of people surveyed post-implementation who regularly walk or take transit to the Mission stated they feel safer or just as safe as they did before the transit and roadway changes were made.
Muni Reliability:
  • On average, the buses are traveling through the corridor about 2 minutes faster in each direction. However, people are perceiving their trip to be on average 10 min faster since the bus is spending less time delayed and getting more green lights.
  • Three additional minutes are expected to be saved with completion of remaining scope, which includes transit-only lanes from 30th to Randall and South Van Ness to Division.
  • Muni reliability has improved resulting in fewer gaps and more predictable arrival time


Transportation wasn’t working on Mission Street. 

Mission bus straddling double yellow due to narrow lanes
Mission Street's 14R straddling the double yellow due to narrow lanes and double parked vehicles. 

Mission Street is Muni’s second highest ridership corridor, with 65,000 daily riders, 80% of whom are low-income or minority riders. Mission Street was also a designated high injury corridor which means historically pedestrian and auto collisions were more common than compared to other streets in San Francisco. It was also Muni’s highest collision corridor, with an average of three Muni-related collisions a week.

Nearly 85% of people access Mission by bus or by foot, yet the street wasn’t working for them. Muni service was slow and unreliable, and riders commented that the bus stopped too frequently. The travel lanes were also too narrow, which meant Muni vehicles had to straddle two lanes to travel.

Our goals with changing Mission Street were to address these issues to improve Muni service and safety for all.


  • Red transit only lanes
  • Required right turns 
  • Left turn restrictions 
  • Stop consolidation 
  • Right turn pockets 
  • Transit bulbs (awaiting construction)
Project Details, History or Features


New transit bulbs at three intersections Mission at S Van Ness, 16th, 20th 
New pedestrian bulbs at one intersection Mission at S Van Ness
No left turn (both directions) at 11 intersections  Mission St at 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th, Cesar Chavez
Right turn only (northbound) and no left turn (southbound) at four intersections Mission St at 16th, 20th, 24th, Cesar Chavez
New turn pockets at 20 intersections Mission St from 14th to Precita, Mission St at Valencia, 29th St, Cortland, Randall 

Remove stop at seven intersections

Mission St at 15th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, Precita, Valencia, 29th
Southbound transit only lane/lane reduction Mission St from S Van Ness to Cesar Chavez
Northbound and southbound transit-only lanes Mission St from Cesar Chavez to Randall
Extend transit bulbs at two intersections  Mission St at 16th, 30th
Convert bulb to bus zone at two intersections Mission St at 150 Otis, 22nd
New bus stop at one intersection Mission St at Powers
Relocate stop at one intersection Mission St at Cortland
New traffic signal or signal timing changes Mission St at Cortland, Randall
New bike lane Mission St at Randall


Note that the approval and implementation of the following segment of this project was fast-tracked:

  • Transit bulbs on Mission Street at Silver Ave (complete)
  • Transit bulb extensions on Mission Street at 30th (complete)
Muni Forward