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Better Market Street Project

Market Street is one of the city’s premier streets that is historically and culturally important in connecting neighborhoods. Its primary function of facilitating the movement of people and goods is still a priority; however, with the increase in other modes of transportation, the corridor is needing a redesign.

The Better Market Street project offers a special opportunity to envision a new Market Street. The goal of the project is to revitalize Market Street from Octavia Boulevard to The Embarcadero and reestablish the street as the premier cultural, civic and economic center of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The new design would create a comfortable, universally accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable place that attracts more people on foot, bicycle and public transit to visit shops, adjacent neighborhoods and area attractions.

The project is a collaboration between five key city agencies along with community partners. For more details on proposed designs, please visit the Better Market Street Website.

The Draft Environmental Report for the Better Market Street Project is now available for review and comments. Learn more at the Planning Department Website.

Project Status