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Lincoln Way Quick-Build Project


The Lincoln Way Quick-Build Project has completed Outreach and Design phases!

Our May 2023 Virtual Open House and survey engaged 568 respondents with over 800 comments gathered. A majority of respondents showed their support for proposed project elements, with a significant number calling for even more pedestrian improvements than were proposed. Please click on the link below to review both comments received, and the most frequently asked questions raised by community members during the outreach phase.

Lincoln Way Quick-Build Open House Comments and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Design Updates & Next Steps

Project staff expanded the proposed scope to include additional daylighting, painted safety zones, and crosswalks than were originally proposed. Many survey respondents requested improvements to bicycle infrastructure along Lincoln Way – however SFMTA encourages cyclists to use existing infrastructure on JFK Drive, MLK Jr. Drive, and the Great Highway.

In total, the project plans to install 20 new crosswalks, 12 painted safety zones, 16 left turn safety treatments, daylighting at 30 approaches, six signal head upgrades (8’’ to 12’’) and signal retiming upgrades at 25th and 30th avenues to include leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs), increased crossing time, and all reds. On top of these pedestrian improvements, the SFMTA will be implementing transit improvements along Lincoln Way as part of the 29 Sunset Improvement project, as well as new traffic signals at Kezar Drive, 10th Avenue, and 41st Avenue and signal upgrades at Great Highway. 

Next up for the team is detailed design, which includes final refinements based on community input, and the preparation of work orders. Due to the proposed treatment types, a public hearing will not be required for this project. Project implementation will begin in Winter 2024.

Please see Related Reports & Documents for Frequently Asked Questions and Comment Log.

Project Introduction

The Lincoln Way Quick-Build Project will improve comfort and safety for people walking along or crossing Lincoln Way, between Arguello Boulevard and Great Highway. Improvements will consist of quick and reversible traffic safety improvements that prioritize active transportation modes, primarily walking through safe pedestrian facilities, signal timing improvements and curb management. The final design will be guided by outreach to the Sunset community in collaboration with Supervisor Districts 4 and 7 in order to understand specific traffic safety and loading needs of the corridor. 


Project Timeline 
Public Outreach / Conceptual Design
Winter 2022
Public Outreach / Detailed Design
Spring 2023
Environmental Review & Legislation
Summer 2023
Winter 2024
Project Status
Implementation / Construction


Significant portions of Lincoln Way, from Great Highway to Arguello Boulevard, are on San Francisco’s High Injury Network, the 12% of city streets that account for over 68% of serious injuries and fatalities. Along the project extent, from June 2017 to July 2021, there were 24 collisions involving a pedestrian and 148 collisions overall that involved an injury. The purpose of this project is to address traffic safety issues for the most vulnerable road users along Lincoln Way between Great Highway and Arguello Boulevard.  

Quick-Build projects are comprised of reversible or adjustable traffic control, such as roadway and curb paint, signs, traffic signal timing modifications, and parking and loading adjustments. While quick-build projects are limited in scope, they offer the opportunity to implement safety improvements more quickly than a typical design-bid-build process. Quick-build projects are primarily implemented entirely by City crews, rather than with contractors, and include paint, signs, minor signal modifications and timing updates, plastic delineators, meter placement, concrete islands, curb ramps, and minor pavement improvements.

The SFMTA’s goals for this project include the following:

  • Implement pedestrian safety improvements on Lincoln Way  

  • Reduce number of conflicts between those who walk, bike, take transit, and drive on the corridor 

  • Build trust and connection with the Sunset community  

  • Improve traffic safety for the most vulnerable users, specifically pedestrians 

  • Improve use of curb space for organizations and businesses 

Goals may be modified or further developed based on feedback gathered during public outreach and the results of analysis performed during the planning phase as the project progresses. 

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