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Mission Street Excelsior Safety Project

The Mission Street Excelsior Safety Project is a community project that will focus on pedestrian safety, Muni reliability, and streetscape enhancements in the business district. Through near-term and long-term improvements, the project will make it safer and more pleasant to walk, shop, and live along Mission Street from Geneva Avenue to Trumbull Street and along Geneva Avenue from Mission Street to Prague Street.

Join us and learn more about the plan at an Open House this April:

Both will be held at Excelsior Playground Clubhouse (intersection of Russia Ave & Madrid Street).

To view the proposed design for the Mission Street and Geneva corridors, click here.
To view the proposed loading and color curb plan, click here.

Project Timeline 
Fall 2017 - Spring 2019
Outreach & Design
Spring - Summer 2019
Environmental & Legislation
Summer - Winter 2019
Detailed Design & Near-Term Construction
2020 - 2021
Sidewalk & Signal Construction
Project Status 
SFMTA walking icon
Bulb-outs, traffic signals, new pedestrian crossings
SFMTA Muni bus icon
Transit bulbs, transit stop improvements and changes
SFMTA Streetscape icon
Pedestrian-scale lighting, seating, landscaping, artwork
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Loading and color curb management


Mission Street and Geneva Avenue are part of San Francisco’s High Injury Network, where 75 percent of the severe and fatal collisions happen on 13 percent of city streets. Over the last seven years, five community members were killed and at least 323 people were injured in collisions in the project area. Additionally, on some blocks of the project corridor, the eight Muni lines that serve the area have average speeds below 5 mph. The project will seek to address these issues, while making streetscape and loading improvements to support the over 300 existing storefronts along Mission and Geneva streets.

The project’s goals are to:

  • Increase safety for all users of the corridor, especially people who walk, bike, & take transit
  • Improve transit reliability on the most used bus routes in the neighborhood
  • Enhance the business district through streetscape and loading improvements


From late 2017 to 2018, the project team conducted outreach to better understand the issues and problems that the community faces when using Mission Street and Geneva Ave. Outreach included:

  • One-on-one meetings with more than 15 community groups
  • Door-to-door loading surveying to 175+ businesses
  • Participation in four Excelsior and Outer Mission Neighborhood Strategy meetings
  • Two Sunday Streets events
  • Neighborhood walkthroughs

Project staff used the results of these feedback efforts, along with collected data, to develop a conceptual plan for Mission Street and Geneva Ave. In late 2018 and early 2019, the SFMTA hosted a series workshops with project stakeholders to refine the conceptual plan to better reflect the community's needs. Notes from those workshops can be found under "Reports and Documents". The proposed project design incorporates feedback and suggestions we received from stakeholders, representing various groups within the community, over the course of the three workshops.

The SFMTA will host an Open House this March to present the stakeholder-refined plan to the wider community. Sign up for project updates on the right and be on the lookout for an announcement of our Open House date.


Major project elements, developed through data analysis and outreach include:

  • New traffic signals, including a new signalized pedestrian crossing
  • Traffic signal timing improvements and pedestrian head-starts
  • Pedestrian bulb-outs
  • Streetscape enhancements like seating, pedestrian-scale lighting, and landscaping
  • Transit bulbs and islands
  • Transit stop improvements and changes
  • Targeted bike lane enhancements
  • Loading and curb management improvements

You can view the most recent project plans for both Mission Street and Geneva Ave here.


  • Fall 2018 - Ongoing: Outreach, planning, and refinement of proposed design
  • April 2019: Community Open House
  • Spring 2019: Environmental review
  • Summer 2019: Improvements presented to SFMTA Board
  • Late 2019: Near-term improvements
  • 2020-2021: Sidewalk and signal construction


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