Muni Art 2022 Poem - At the Golden Gate

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This page is part of Muni Art 2022.

At the Golden Gate

At the Golden Gate

A single plover far at sea
wings across the horizon

A single rower almost out of sight
rows his skull into eternity

And I take a Buddha crystal in my hand
And begin becoming pure light

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “At the Golden Gate.” Reprinted with the permission of the author. All rights reserved. Muni Art 2022, San Francisco Beautiful,

Artist Interpretations

Krithika Sengottaiyan

One of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge with flowers sprouting from all of the supports. The medium-gray sky features checkerboard clouds, a checkerboard sun and a striped crescent moon.

Richard Louis Perri

Historic streetcar 1055 with a destination sign of F Market Castro heads toward us on Market Street with the Ferry Building clock tower in the background and trees and office buildings to either side of the street.

Sebastian Raphael

A hand holds a globe with a sitting Buddha overlaid with a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and a camera flare. There is a blue, fog filled sky in the background. Translucent feathers overlay the image in the upper left and mid-lower right.

Steffan Sanguinetti

The Golden Gate Bridge casts a shadow on the Bay. The Marin Headlands and islands appear in the background. A small craft floats on the Bay between the bridge and the shadow.

Tan Sirinumas

A side view of the Golden Gate Bridge. A translucent Buddha sits in the water, glows emanating from the head engulfing the center of the bridge.