Muni Art 2023 - Vilma Ramirez Artist Page

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This page is part of Muni Art 2023.

Picture of artist Vilma Ramirez, participant in Muni Art 2023

Vilma Ramirez is a 15 year old art hobbyist who started making fan art of their favorite pieces of media at around 8. They wish to make art commissions when they’re older. Many of the things they do in their free time includes making fan art, playing their favorite video games, and occasionally making shameless fan-fiction. Even they don’t know how their grades are still in tact with how many things they do 24/7.

Poem Interpretations

I Like Chinatown by Jake Dominguez

The Botanical Gardens by Maya Van Artsdalen

The Rhythm of Baker Beach by Vanessa Rodriguez

The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo by Jennifer Lopez

What You Get at Bernal Heights by Abner Valencia

Theme Interpretations

Sights of San Francisco