Muni Art 2023 Poem - The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo by Jennifer Lopez

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This page is part of Muni Art 2023.

The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo

At the San Francisco Zoo you will see tall giraffes, buff gorillas, and loud goats.
On a rainy day, make sure you wear a raincoat.
At lunch, it’s time to eat Nutella sandwiches, sit on the grass, and talk.
If you want to see the ferocious lion, you’ll have to go on a walk.
When the day is done, visit the gift shop and buy an animal tote!

Jennifer Lopez
Age 10

Jennifer Lopez, “The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo.” Reprinted with the permission of the author. All rights reserved. Muni Art 2023, San Francisco Beautiful,

Artist Interpretations

Alice Wu

Young person visiting zoo, holding adult's hand. Look of awe on face. Giraffe with long neck behind, partial zoo sign reads "Francisco", palm trees
Annie Aguilar

Various animals; including a giraffe in a yellow coat, a monkey boy with a balloon in an orange shirt, his mother in a purple dress, a lion in a blue sweatshirt and trousers, a male lion in a blue puffy jacket and trousers and a pair of goats in jackets. Also many trees in shades of green and blue.
Isabel Lombardi-Coronel

Collages of paper with the rolled tree foliage, cylinder tree trunks and branches, pictures of a goat, gorilla and giraffe and a girl waving made of rolled paper. The girl has on a yellow outfit complete with a hat
Natalie Deiner

Line art flowing of faces of gorillas lions and goats in shades of brown and green, one full giraffe stands out amongst the rest in black
Vilma Ramirez

drawing of a lion, giraffe, gorilla and goat. Two structures behind. The color yellow dominates the piece.