Muni Art 2023 - Natalie Deiner Artist Page

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This page is part of Muni Art 2023.

picture of Natalie Deiner, Muni Art 2023 participant

Natalie Deiner is a high school artist who has grown up in San Francisco her whole life. She became interested in art as a toddler and has carried that with her growing up. For this series, she was inspired by her experiences with each of the places in the poems and how she felt while she was there. She contrasted linework with calm colors to represent the unique blend of the busyness in San Francisco and the pockets of calm, such as the waves on the beach, the trees in Golden Gate Park, or the lights coating the city at night. She hopes that these places will continue to be appreciated by all.

Poem Interpretations

I Like Chinatown by Jake Dominguez

The Botanical Gardens by Maya Van Artsdalen

The Rhythm of Baker Beach by Vanessa Rodriguez

The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo by Jennifer Lopez

What You Get at Bernal Heights by Abner Valencia

Theme Interpretations

Sights of San Francisco