Muni Art 2023 Poem - I Like Chinatown by Jake Dominguez

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This page is part of Muni Art 2023.

I Like Chinatown

I see signs with symbols that glow.
I see people selling dragon fruit,
a green flame with orange and pink skin,
and a light clear white on the inside.

When I go to Chinatown,
I miss my cousin.
We had good memories there,
like the first time we ate tofu and soup.
I love the red lanterns that look like pumpkins.

Jake Dominguez
Age 8

Jake Dominguez, “I Like Chinatown.” Reprinted with the permission of the author. All rights reserved. Muni Art 2023, San Francisco Beautiful,


Artist Interpretations

Alice Wu
Bowl of soup in the foreground with Tofu and vegetables. Behind is a large dragon fruit.

Annie Aguilar
Chinese lanterns hang across the image with several pagoda gates

Isabel Lombardi-Coronel
A paper-based person stands triumphantly under the Grant Gate with arms raised. Buildings line each side of Grant Street. The Bush street sign is prominent on the right side of the intersection.

Natalie Deiner
A happy young person is centered in the foreground holding a dragon fruit with both hands, almost huddled around it. Wearing a maroon sweatshirt and a backpack. The lanterns are strung above to each side are stylized buildings and signs. A large lantern in to the right also shaped like a dragonfruit.

Vilma Ramirez
On a clearly steep street storefronts have very prominent signs. Lanterns hang from awnings. The two stores are full of merchandise.