Muni Art 2023 Poem - What You Get at Bernal Heights by Abner Valencia

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This page is part of Muni Art 2023.

What You Get at Bernal Heights

Scattered bricks with lights
It is like no other city view
It’s quite refreshing
Sunset is warm with a cold breeze
Night sky clears and city lights blur

Abner Valencia
Age 16

Abner Valencia, “What You Get at Bernal Heights.” Reprinted with the permission of the author. All rights reserved. Muni Art 2023, San Francisco Beautiful,


Artist Interpretations

Alice Wu
Giant setting sun frames the City's skyline in the background. A lone swing hangs in the foreground and is next to a large tree trunk and its roots. The sky is completed by stars and the cresent moon.

Annie Aguilar
At dusk, a full moon hangs above the hill with trees atop. The City's skyline surrounds behind with many lights piercing the evening dark.

Isabel Lombardi-Coronel
A paper-based person relaxes atop a hillside with a meandering tree-lined road below. A large crescent moon hangs above and the City skypine completes the backgound.

Natalie Deiner
A tall hill rises in the background. Multicolored homes flow over the contours of the hill with warm hues of blue, green and maroon. Much darker homes are outlines in the foreground.

Vilma Ramirez
A large tree stands in the foreground with a swing hanging from it. The City's skyline flows in the background with a stylized sky above.