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Page Street Bikeway Improvements Pilot

Project Introduction
Please take our project survey to share your opinions on how recent changes on Page Street have affected travel in your neighborhood (open through at least Fri 13 Nov).
CURRENT STATUS: As of early March 2020, implementation of the pilot safety improvements on Page Street between Webster Street and Octavia Boulevard is complete. Dramatic changes in travel patterns due to COVID-19 have posed challenges for evaluating the pilot project as planned. Nonetheless, we collected data on key metrics in June — our latest project update contains details on what we learned. Please take our survey and sign up for the email list to receive project updates.


Page Street is an important corridor for the Hayes Valley / Lower Haight neighborhoods and a designated Green Connection in the San Francisco General Plan because of its connectivity to John Muir Elementary School, parks, and other destinations. It is also a popular east-west bicycle route, where there are often 1.5 times more people on bikes than in cars headed downtown in the morning.

The impacts of the sharp growth in economic activity, the addition of thousands of new residents, and the resulting increase in vehicle trips citywide over the past decade have disproportionately affected Hayes Valley. People driving towards Octavia Boulevard to access the Central Freeway are increasingly choosing to queue on residential streets and transit-priority corridors, including Page and Haight streets, as opposed to remaining on arterial streets. The ensuing congestion reduces traffic safety and quality-of-life on these streets. While the SFMTA has made recent changes to improve safety and additional sidewalk changes are planned for 2020 through the Page Street Neighborway, more is needed to directly address the impacts of chronic vehicle congestion.

Project Timeline 
November 2019
Early 2020
Summer-Fall 2020
Data Collection & Survey
Winter 2021
Evaluation Report
Project Status
Project Evaluation
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A protected downhill bikeway and an uphill bike lane
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Reduced vehicle traffic and conflicts
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Support for transit reliability on Haight Street

Pilot Project Details

Based on several years of engagement and outreach with the community, SFMTA is advancing an a 12-month pilot project of circulation changes and bikeway upgrades using temporary materials. Project elements include:

  • Reduced vehicle traffic near John Muir Elementary School by prohibiting vehicles from entering eastbound Page Street at Webster Street
  • A protected downhill bikeway and an uphill bike lane on Page Street between Octavia Boulevard and Laguna Street by converting that block to one-way westbound only for vehicles
    • The uphill bike lane would extend 3 blocks from Octavia Boulevard to Webster Street
  • Further reduced vehicle traffic and conflicts on Page Street by prohibiting left-turns and westbound through-traffic at Octavia Boulevard
  • Support for transit on Haight Street by enhancing bus stop access and discouraging traffic from diverting to Haight Street during the day

See the plan view and cross-section graphics of the pilot project proposal using the links below:

  • Plan view of the full pilot project proposals
  • Cross-section view of the one-way westbound street with eastbound protected bikeway on Page Street between Laguna and Octavia streets

What makes this a 'pilot project'?

The pilot bikeway improvements and circulation changes will be implemented using temporary materials only (signs, paint, and plastic posts) and will remain in place for 12 months to allow for data collection, outreach, and evaluation. The SFMTA Board of Directors will have to re-approve the project based on the outcome of the pilot to make these or other changes permanent, or else the temporary treatments would be reversed.

What does SFMTA want to learn from the pilot and hot will we measure it?

  • Safety and comfort on Page Street for people walking and biking, including John Muir Elementary School students
    • Measured by staff observations and a public perception survey. *Sign up for project updates to stay in the loop when the survey is open!*
  • Transit performance on Haight Street
    • Evaluated based on travel time and Muni lane violation data
  • Neighborhood traffic circulation
    • Documented with 'before/after' traffic counts on adjacent streets and freeway access routes
Contact Information
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