ATTN: IB 29 blocked on Gilman btwn Hawes and Bill Walsh Way due to heavy vehicle traffic. Expect 29 to reroute via Hawes to Gilman. No 29 svc btwn Hawes and Bill Walsh Way. (More: 9 in last 48 hours)

Tenderloin Traffic Safety Improvements Project
Project Introduction

Traffic safety disproportionately impacts people who live and work in the Tenderloin. As a result, for almost 3 years the SFMTA has been working closely with other city departments, the Tenderloin Traffic Safety Task Force and community members to address the public health issues and unique challenges in the neighborhood through innovative interventions.   

The Tenderloin is home to many of our most vulnerable communities including historically marginalized groups such as people with disabilities, residents of SROs and supportive housing and limited-English proficient communities. With every single street in the Tenderloin on the city’s High Injury Network -- the 13 percent of San Francisco streets that account for 75 percent of severe traffic injury collision and fatalities -- this critical neighborhood is the focus of our latest efforts to make the city safer for everyone. 

As result, there are multiple SFMTA projects, programs and planning efforts currently underway in the Tenderloin.

Project Status
Detailed Design
Implementation / Construction
Project Evaluation

Projects in Progress

Other Efforts

Thank You Tenderloin Community! 

We want to express sincere appreciation and acknowledge the Tenderloin community groups who have been tenacious in advocating for traffic safety and travel options in their neighborhood: Tenderloin Traffic Safety Task Force, Tenderloin People’s Congress, Tenderloin Community Benefit District, Central City SRO Collaborative, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation and many others. We are committed to being responsive and partnering with the community as we work through this crisis together.