Leavenworth Quick-Build

Construction is complete on Leavenworth Street! 

Project Timeline
Fall 2020
Planning/Community Outreach
April 2021
Public Hearing
Spring 2021
Project Status
  1. Completed
Predicted Completion
June 2021

Stemmed from the community’s demand for increased investment and broader solutions for traffic safety in the Tenderloin neighborhood, the SFMTA has committed to two 2020 quick-build projects in the neighborhood on Leavenworth Street and Golden Gate Avenue, with further community discussion on future potential quick-builds on additional Tenderloin streets.

The SFMTA is currently undergoing a process to implement a quick-build project on Leavenworth Street from McAllister to Post streets. Leavenworth is on the city’s high-injury network or the 13 percent of streets that account for 75 percent of severe traffic injury collisions and fatalities.

Quick-build projects are intended to include low-cost materials, such as paint and posts to make impact safety improvements that can be installed by city crews at a much faster rate. As part of the citywide Vision Zero Quick-Build policy, all quick-build projects will undergo a thorough evaluation through our Safe Streets Evaluation Program within the initial 24 months of construction. The Safe Streets Evaluation Program will analyze the project before and after implementation to review outcomes and determine design effectiveness. Evaluations will inform near-term modifications and a long-term design for this street.  This also serves an opportunity to make iterative tweaks to project design to ensure that the safety improvements work better for all who travel on the corridor.

On April 16, 2021, the project was approved at a virtual public hearing. Based on the community comments and budget constraints, the project team moved forward with Idea A  - a road diet with narrow buffers on both sides of the roadway. The SFMTA is committed to working with the community to continue expanding on how the buffer space can be used as operational resources become available.

The Leavenworth Quick-Build Project proposal includes the following improvements: 

  • Installing a road diet (three lanes to two) with narrow buffers to deter speeding and overtaking of vehicles
  • Pedestrian safety improvements such as advanced limit line, crosswalks, and painted safety zones at key intersections
  • Reallocating curb space for residents’ and businesses’ parking and loading needs

A detailed block-by-block illustration of the proposal is available and also located in the "Reports and Documents" section of this project webpage.  

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