Hiring Process Timeline (Non-Driver Positions)

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If you’re new to working for the City and County of San Francisco, you might be surprised to learn that the hiring process can take time.  The average time it takes to become an employee of the city can range from 2-7 months from the submission of an application.  Below is an outline of our hiring process and Frequently Asked Questions for candidates. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Representative listed on the original job announcement.

Hiring Process Timeline

Process Step



1. Application Review 

The SFMTA reviews all job applications received.  In some cases, the agency receives more than 100 applications for one open position.  Applications are screened for minimum qualifications, skills and experience that meets  agency needs

1-6 weeks

2. Interview Appointment

Selected candidates are contacted for interviews.   

1-3 weeks

3. Interview Process & Review

Depending on the number of positions available and the quantity of interview candidates, there can be up to four rounds of interviews per candidate

1-5 weeks

4. Background Check

Verification of Education and Experience

Selected candidates are   contacted for fingerprinting.  Department of Justice and FBI background checks will be requested.  The candidate may also be asked to submit references or other verification of their education and experience.  

1-8 weeks

5. Job Offer

Job offers are extended after background checks   are completed and qualifications are verified.

1-2 weeks

6. Onboarding New Hires 

Once a candidate accepts an offer to work for SFMTA, they are scheduled to meet with Human Resources to complete the forms and information that are necessary for them to begin working for the City and County of San Francisco.

1-2 weeks

7. Start Work

New employees may start work on the first day of the city pay period (ie, every-other Monday)

1-2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to the interview process?

Generally, only those materials included in your original application will be reviewed.  So, there is no need to bring additional copies of your resume or portfolio on the day of the interview. 

What should I expect on the day of the interview?

The SFMTA interview process is usually a panel interview with 2-4 people.  Questions are prepared in advance, and all candidates are asked the same set of interview questions.  In order to ensure that all candidates have the same opportunity to present their ideas and experience, the panel is limited in the amount of follow-up or additional questions permitted to be asked.  Interviews typically take 30-90 minutes.

How many interview rounds should I expect?

For many job applicants, there is only one interview round required.  For others, there may be as many as four rounds, especially when additional skills tests are incorporated.  Please feel free to discuss your process in greater detail when you are invited for the first interview round.

Will I be asked to participate in non-interview tests?

At this stage, candidates may also be asked to perform some sort of skills test relevant to the position for which they are competing.  Writing tests, spreadsheet exercises, tool, vehicle or other software use tests or presentations may sometimes be utilized as part of the selection process. 

What is required to verify my education and/or experience?

In many cases, we will request that you submit verification of education and experience.  These can come in the form of letters from previous employers on company letterhead, describing the dates of your employment and a description of your duties and responsibilities in that job.  A scanned copy of your official transcript, or diploma, will suffice for verification of education.  

Will I be notified if I am not selected for interviews?

Yes.  Those who are not selected will be notified by the end of the hiring process.