UPDATE: The 48 and 67 continue to reroute around the area of 24th btwn Shotwell and Folsom. https://t.co/UQ0vJNDL1h (More: 34 in last 48 hours)

Green Zones/Short-term Parking


Painted green curb with stencil that says "SFMTA"

General loading zones provide short-term access to the curb for people to pick up or drop off goods in their personal vehicles. They generally operate during business hours and revert back to adjacent parking regulations at all other times. These pickup zones are meant to be shared by visitors to multiple businesses on a block. Vehicles parked for more than five minutes in a general loading zone are subject to citation and towing.  

Typical uses 

General loading zones are designed for businesses or a collection of businesses that generate a significant amount of pickups or drop-offs, typically 15 or more per hour. The most common businesses that are eligible are restaurants or any business that has high pickup or drop-off demand and short customer transactions.  


A non-refundable application fee is required for general loading zones. If approved, general loading zones are required to be renewed, with a renewal fee, every two years.  

The application fee is due with the application for general loading zones. Government agencies providing public services, and non-profits that provide free services exclusively to seniors and people with disabilities are the only entities exempt from fees. 

The installation fee is due only if and when the application has been approved and should not be combined with the application fee.


Zone length (in feet)  1 to 22   23 to 44   45 to 66  66 
Installation or renewal fee  $525 $1,050 $1,575   $2,100
Late payment charge  $55   $110   $165 $221  
Application fee  $775   $775   $775   $775  

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