Learn More About Demand-Responsive Parking

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Video Transcript

Circle less, live more
SFMTA established SFpark to use new technologies and policies to improve parking in San Francisco. Reducing traffic by helping drivers find parking benefits everyone. More parking availability makes streets less congested and safer. Meters that accept credit and debit cards reduce frustration and parking citations. With SFpark, we can all circle less and live more.

How it works
SFpark works by using smart pricing so that drivers can quickly find open spaces. To help achieve the right level of parking availability, SFpark periodically adjusts meter and garage pricing up and down to match demand. Demand-responsive pricing encourages drivers to park in underused areas and garages, reducing demand in overused areas. Through SFpark, demand-responsive pricing works to readjust parking patterns in the city so that parking is easier to find.

The pilot phase
SFpark has tested its new parking management system at 7,000 of San Francisco’s 28,800 metered spaces and 12,250 spaces in 15 of 20 City-owned parking garages. Federal funding through the Department of Transportation’s Urban Partnership Program pays for 80 percent of the SFpark project. After collecting data to measure the goals of the pilot, analysis and evaluation of the pilot is underway; look for the full evaluation report in spring 2014.