FINAL UPDATE: Delay on the EB Bay Bridge has cleared. IB/OB 25 resuming service. (More: 1 in last 48 hours)

Pay Meter by Mobile or Web Browser

1. Go to the Pay-By-Browser website ( 

2.  Log in, register for an account, park as guest, or log in via Facebook. Select Park.

Login screen for the Pay-by-Phone websie, showing user ID and password fields and the submit button.   

3. Enter location.

 Screen for entering the location

4. Enter duration.

Screen for confirming the location, from the website 

5. Confirm duration.

 Screen for confirming the purchase


Screen showing remaining parking time 

 Screen confirming payment 

  Text message confirming parking payment at the location in question

4. Payment confirmation screen. Text reminders received on phone.

  • To extend parking session before the time runs out, go to the Pay-by-Phone Park Now page ( 
    • Click Extend, enter new duration and confirm.
  • For parking receipts or transaction history, go to the Pay-by-Phone Receipts page ( Available only with a registered account.