Waivers for people experiencing homelessness or low-income and reduction for first time tow

    Experiencing homelessness in San Francisco?

    Eligible vehicle owners experiencing homelessness who have visited a Coordinated Entry Point in the past 6 months will receive a one-time

    • Administrative fee waiver
    • Tow fee waiver
    • Up to 30 days storage waiver
    • Dolly waiver

    Limit one per vehicle owner

    Flyer: Steps on how to become eligible

    List: Coordinated Entry Points

    Low-income in San Francisco?  

    Eligible low-income vehicle owners will receive

    • Administrative fee waiver
    • Reduction of the tow fee
    • Up to 15 days storage waiver
    • Dolly waiver
    First-time tow in San Francisco?

    Individuals whose vehicle has never been previously towed by the SFMTA or SFPD will receive

    • Reduction of the administrative fee

    Reduced fee schedule

    Administrative fee

    Administrative fee (one for all vehicles) Fee to be paid
    All tows $347
    First-time tow $293
    Low-income or experiencing homelessness $0

    Tow fee

    Tow fee (one for all vehicles) Fee to be paid
    People experiencing homelessness $0
    Low-income $100
    All others $286

    How to Qualify

    Present one of the following:

    • California State Medi-Cal
    • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
    • SFMTA Lifeline card
    • WIC benefits,
    • Fully completed Income Verification form to be submitted with the form below

    You may be required to submit the most current award letter.  NO tax documentation will be accepted.

    Reductions May Be Applied When Paying Your Tow Fees

    No reductions are available without proof of eligibility. Persons unable to prove eligibility must pay the non-reduced fees.

    Qualified individual registered owners who submit proof of eligibility when paying the tow fees will automatically receive the reduction.

    Request Reimbursement of Certain Tow Fees 

    Individual owners who pay the non-reduced fees may request reimbursement if eligibility can be proven within 30 days of the vehicle being claimed.

    Reductions are itemized on the SFMTA receipt.  Check your SFMTA receipt to verify whether you received waivers or reductions.

    If you paid the full or higher administrative fee to the SFMTA and feel you qualify for certain low-income waivers or a first-time tow reduction, fill out the form below to request reimbursement as applicable to your case. You will be required to upload your receipt and proof of eligibility.

    After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email and further details from case-admin-sf@sfmta.com.


    • All requests for reimbursement must be received within 30 days from the date of tow or 30 days from the date of paying the non-reduced fees 
    • The owner (or renter) of the towed vehicle must be an individual
    • Nonowners are not eligible for low-income waivers
    • For rented or leased vehicles, the rental or lease agreement must be from a bonafide car rental company and identify the renter or lessee as the vehicle's driver
    • All businesses, including partnerships, trusts, for-profit corporations, and nonprofit corporations are excluded
    • First-time tow individuals will be required to provide DMV registration showing the first date of ownership of their vehicle
    • The SFMTA tows vehicles in San Francisco only; vehicles towed in other jurisdictions are not eligible for reductions or reimbursement
    • You must provide a USA mailing address to receive reimbursement

    Please complete this form to apply for a reimbursement

    Vehicle tow program phone: 415.646.2200 email: TowProgram@sfmta.com