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Contest a Citation

Parking or Transit Violation Citations must be protested within 21 days from the date the ticket is issued or from the date of the first courtesy notice.  Protests will not be considered after that period of time has expired.  Do not pay your citation if you wish to protest it. 


Submit or check status of a protest online. You will be able to upload photos, receipts or any other evidence to support your protest. 

You may also submit your protest by mail.  Complete the Protest Form and mail to:

SFMTA Customer Service Center
ATTN: Citation Review
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

Once your protest is received, your citation is placed on hold. Reviews may take up to 90 days. No further action is required until you receive a decision letter via U.S. mail. 

Note:  If the parking citations were issued to the vehicle while it was stolen, you must provide a complete police report with your protest, not just the police report number. You can submit your request for a police report on the SFPD website


If you are not satisfied with the initial decision, you have a right to an administrative hearing. Within 25 calendar days from the date of the decision letter, you can appear in person, make a request in writing, or online, for an Administrative Hearing with a civil Administrative Hearing Officer (CVC § 40215).  A hearing officer will evaluate your protest based on the testimony and evidence (if any) you provide, along with the laws, rules, and regulations that are in effect for all parties at the time the citation was issued. You will receive a formal decision by mail. A refund will be issued if the citation is dismissed. California Vehicle Code section 40215(5) provides that a properly filled-out citation creates a presumption that the infraction occurred.  This presumption can be overcome by the submission of sufficient and credible evidence.  A mere assertion that the violation did not occur is insufficient to dismiss a ticket.

Hearing Deposit

The California Vehicle Code and Public Utilities Code requires a deposit equal to the amount of the fine in order to request a hearing. This deposit may be waived in the circumstances listed below. If seeking a waiver, you can only submit the request by mail or in person (online submissions cannot be accepted).  

  • Low-income customers*
  • International visitors presenting a valid passport and travel documents
  • A single citation with a fine in excess of $200, or two citations with combined fines over $200
  • All compliance citations 

How to Request an Administrative Hearing

1. Online: Citation Hearings request portalYou will be able to pay the deposit, upload photos, receipts or any other evidence to support your protest. Requests for hearings that also include deposit waivers are only accepted by mail.

2. By-Mail: Requests should Include "Mail Hearing Request" and the citation number at the top of the letter. Pay citation deposit online  or include a check or money order with the written request. and mail to SFMTA Administrative Hearings, 11 South Van Ness, San Francisco, CA, 94103.

3. By-Phone: Call 415.701.5401 to schedule a hearing by mail. 

4. In-Person: Not available at this time. 

Superior Court Appeals

If you were denied at the Administrative Hearing level, you have the right to have your protest reviewed by the Superior Court within thirty (30) days of the decision. 

1. In-Person: Appear in person at Superior Court, 850 Bryant Street, Room 145, Monday–Friday (excluding holidays), between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm. Bring all documents regarding the citation with you. Upon your appearance, a court date will be assigned. A filing fee of $25 will be charged by the Superior Court. If the judge rules in your favor, the citation fine and court filing fees will be refunded by mail.

2. Mail: Mail a copy of your Administrative Hearing Decision letter and a $25 filing fee for each separate citation number along with any documents or testimony you would like to present. Please make your check payable to the San Francisco Superior Court. If the Traffic Commissioner rules in your favor, the $25 will be refunded.