UPDATE: Delay on 22nd btwn Kirkham and Lawton has cleared. The IB 7 is resuming regular route. https://t.co/U5IA5Cfr6A (More: 4 in last 24 hours)

Types of Medallions

A medallion is a permit issued by SFMTA to operate a taxi vehicle in the City of San Francisco. 

Types of Medallions

  1. Sedan Regular Medallion 
    Operates in a sedan vehicle 24hours a day 7 days a week. Currently 1870 permits are authorzied for 2014.

  2. Ramp Medallion
    Operates in a wheel chair accessible van 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Currently 100 permits are authorized for 2014.

  3. Company Medallion Permit
    Operated by certain performance qualified color schemes for a fixed period of time.  Currently 200 permits are authorized for 2014.

  4. Single Operator Part-time Medallion
    Restricted to working no less than 40 hours per week, no more than 90 hours per week. These permits are issued to senior-most A-card holders.  Currently 140 permits are authorized for 2014