Reasons to Take a Taxi

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We've been called the "Greenest Taxi City in America." That's because the vast majority of San Francisco's taxi fleet runs on alternative fuels.

Thanks to aggressive emission standards set by 2008's Green Taxi Ordinance and its clean taxi program, SF has converted most of its fleet to hybrid and compressed natural gas to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along with travel by Muni, bike and foot, taxis are a part of a sustainable transportation system.

Need another reason to hail a taxi in San Francisco? Here are six.

1)   Knowledgeable and trustworthy drivers.

Look no further if you want skill and experience behind the wheel. As the city agency that regulates the taxi industry, we know what it takes to become a trusted driver of a San Francisco taxi. All San Francisco taxi drivers are required to take extensive training, including street navigation, and are subject to background checks. 

2) No worries about parking.

Get conveniently dropped off at your desired destination. Save time and leave behind the stress of circling around looking for a parking space.

3) Minimize wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Taking a taxi saves you the hassle of high fuel costs, expensive vehicle maintenance, vehicle breakdowns and losing value on your car.

4) Taxis can use red transit-only lanes reserved for Muni.

Did you know SF taxis can freely travel within Muni transit lanes? While other vehicles face lane restrictions, you and your taxi driver can travel city streets unimpeded. So riding a taxi can get you to your destination quicker.

5) Ride in a clean and safe vehicle.

SF taxi drivers have invested a lot of time and money for the right to operate a taxicab. And what do you get when you choose a permitted SF taxicab?

  • Safe vehicles: All vehicles undergo safety and meter inspections, so you know your vehicle is road safe and your meter is calibrated to the correct fare.
  • Insured operators: When you hire an SF taxi, you have proper legal recourse should the need arise. 

6) Taxis Are Easy To Spot

You will see "SAN FRANCISCO TAXICAB" written on the side and rear of all legal taxis. From the rear seat you will be able to see the driver's ID and also a small metal "license plate" or medallion on the dashboard. If you spot an illegal taxi, please do not take matters into your own hands. For complaints, call the San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center or 415.701.2311 outside of San Francisco.

About Limousines

Limousines can only legally accept prearranged rides. Do not hire any limousine from a taxi stand or one that stops on the street for you.