Taxi Fares

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Transparent pricing for taxi 

Want to know about how much a taxi ride will cost? Here's a quick breakdown of taxi rates in San Francisco and for out-of-town trips. 

Taxi service fare amount: 

  • First one-fifth mile of flag rate is $4.15 *

  • Each additional one-fifth mile or fraction thereof is $0.65 *

  • Each minute of waiting or traffic time delay is $0.65 *

  • SFO pick-up fee is $5.50* *

Approved by SFMTA Board: Oct 18, 2022. Rates Effective as of Nov 17, 2022.
* * Drivers may collect 100% of the SFO pick-up fee from the passenger. 
  • There is NO DROP-OFF FEE at San Francisco International Airport 

Out-of-town trips 

For out-of-town trips exceeding 15 miles beyond city limits, the fare will be 150% of the metered rate. 

For trips exceeding 15 miles from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) that don't end within city limits, the fare will be 150 percent of the metered rate, except for those trips from SFO going through San Francisco and ending in Marin County or the East Bay. The 15-mile limit will apply only after you have passed through San Francisco and gone 15 miles outside the city limit. 

  • There's no luggage surcharge. 

  • Passengers pay bridge toll(s). 

  • Drivers may collect fare in advance for trips out of SFO and Oakland Airport. 

  • Drivers may collect a cleaning fee up to $150 from a passenger who renders the taxi temporarily unfit for passengers 

  • In any case of fare dispute between the Driver and passenger(s), the Driver shall call the Police or, with the consent of the passenger, convey the passenger(s) to the nearest police station, where the officer in charge shall immediately decide the case 

  • Fare receipt available upon request 

  • A Driver is entitled to charge an additional amount not to exceed $1 for each piece of luggage that cannot be conveyed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle or in the vehicle’s trunk with the trunk-lid closed 

  • A driver may charge a flat rate of up to $20 per person where two or more passengers are taking a trip whose origin or destination are different, and who are sharing the taxi for a portion of their combined trips instead of charging the metered rate. The flat rate may only be used with the advance consent of all affected passengers 

Upfront Fare Pricing Pilot 

Beginning November 9th, taxi customers will have the option to request taxi rides through the SFMTA’s upfront fare pricing pilot. 

The upfront fare pricing program will allow customers to request rides through one of the approved E-Hail applications: Arro, YoTaxi, and Flywheel. Each app will provide customers with an upfront fare that is based on the estimated taximeter amount, and payment will be processed through the app.  

Taxi customers will also be able to request rides through the Uber app. Customers can request a ride through Uber as normal, but may be matched with a San Francisco Taxicab.