5R-Fulton Rapid

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During weekday daytime hours, Fulton Street service west of 6th and Fulton is provided by the 5R-Fulton Rapid.

Weekday daytime service (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)


Cabrillo and La Playa via La Playa, Fulton, Central, McAllister, Hyde, Market (uses curb stops), Beale, Howard to 5 Route terminal on Howard before Main (Transbay Temporary Terminal).

Limited stop service between Fulton & 6th and McAllister & Market. Stops on Fulton at: Arguello, Parker/Shrader, Masonic; on McAllister at Divisadero, Fillmore, Van Ness, Leavenworth.


Howard, Main, Market (uses curb stops), McAllister, Central, Fulton, Cabrillo to La Playa.

Outbound runs express from Transbay Temporary Terminal to the next stop, on Market at Front.

Limited stop service between McAllister & Jones and Fulton & 6th. Stops on McAllister at Van Ness, Fillmore, Divisadero; on Fulton at Masonic, Parker/Shrader, Arguello.

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