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Advanced Limit Lines

a man pushes a stroller across the street in a crosswalk; a white car is stopped behind a painted white advanced limit line, set back from the intersection

What are they? 

Advanced limit lines are solid white lines extending across all approach lanes to indicate where vehicles must stop in compliance with a stop sign or signal.  

How do they work? 

Advanced limit lines provide extra space between stopping vehicles and pedestrians in the crosswalk, while also increasing visibility between pedestrians and motorists. By indicating drivers to stop before an intersection, advanced limit lines reduce collisions and close calls between vehicles and people crossing the street. 

Where to find advanced limit lines in San Francisco 

  • Folsom Street Quick-Build: Advanced limit lines, along with daylighting, were added to intersections on Folsom Street between 2nd Street and 5th Street. 

  • Divisadero Street: On Divisadero Street between Turk and Haight, advanced limit lines were added to 10 intersections along with other safety improvements to increase pedestrian safety along the corridor. 

  • California Street Safety Project: As part of a corridor-wide safety effort, advanced limit lines were added to intersections along California Street between Arguello Boulevard and 18th Avenue.