Pedestrian Program

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San Francisco is a city that walks. Our compact size and daytime population of one million means that walking is a crucial part of keeping our city moving.

Our bustling downtown, waterfront, distinctive neighborhoods and world-class parks are just the start. San Francisco is the birthplace of parklets and Sunday Streets, new ways to enjoy streets as shared public space.

Everybody is a pedestrian at some point in their journey, whether walking several miles or just a few blocks to the bus stop or a local shop. 

Our Vision

The SFMTA's vision is to use walking to make San Francisco a more safe, sustainable and equitable city.

Our work to make San Francisco an even more walkable city is guided by the SFMTA Strategic Plan, the city's Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities, and the San Francisco Pedestrian Strategy.

Underpinning this vision are three key goals:

  1. Eliminate pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries
  2. Increase the number of walking trips
  3. Build safer, better streets for people walking

Vision into Reality

Pedestrian Projects

Improvement projects are underway in city neighborhoods that have high rates of pedestrian collisions. Some of them include:

 Quick and Effective Measures

While large capital projects can take time, the SFMTA uses quick and effective engineering treatments to improve safety throughout the city. In 2015, the SFMTA made hundreds of intersections safer by implementing:

  • Red visibility curbs at 80 intersections
  • Painted safety zones at 40 intersections
  • Sidewalk bulbouts at 15 intersections
  • High visibility crosswalks at 200 intersections
  • Pedestrian headstart signal systems at 60 intersections
  • Advanced limit lines at 35 intersections 

 Muni Forward 

We continue to look for opportunities to improve pedestrian safety on all Muni Forward projects. These projects further our commitment to Vision Zero of reducing all traffic related injuries and fatalities to zero by 2024. Below are just a few example projects, but check out Muni Forward's page here for more information about pedestrian and transit improvements near you! 

   Accessing Schools Safely

Students and their families should feel safe on their way to and from school. Check out some of our programs that are increasing school area safety citywide.