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Raised Crosswalks

Pedestrians use a raised crosswalk at Pierce and Waller streets

What are they? 

Raised crosswalks are roadway crossings where the pavement is raised no higher than the level of the sidewalk, providing a demarcated path of travel for pedestrians from curb to curb. At intersections, the raised section of pavement can be extended to cover the entire intersection, not just the painted crosswalk portion.  

How do they work? 

Similar to speed humps, these traffic calming treatments encourage drivers to slow down and yield to other road users at intersections. By creating a physical differentiation point between the rest of the road and a crosswalk at intersections, raised crosswalks alert drivers to the need to move at a safe speed.  

Where to Find Raised Crosswalks in San Francisco 

  • Golden Gate Park: 13 raised crosswalks were installed in Golden Gate Park in 2019. At two observed crosswalks, vehicles yielding to pedestrians increased by an average of 21%, and close- call incidents have been reduced to almost zero. 
  • John Muir Boulevard: After three raised crosswalks were installed on a block of John Muir Boulevard in Lake Merced, observed 85th percentile speeds fell from 43 mph to 29 mph. 
  • The Wiggle: Along one of the main bike corridors through San Francisco, SFMTA installed raised crosswalks to lower vehicle speeds through intersections.