Accessible Pedestrian Signals

An Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) is a pedestrian push button that communicates when to cross the street in a non-visual manner, such as audible tones, speech messages, and vibrating surfaces.

Current & requested locations: APS Intersection List

Requesting an APS at an intersection

To request that the SFMTA install an APS at an intersection, a requestor may submit the intersection, their name and contact information, and the format in which the requestor wishes to receive a response to the SFMTA online or by phone:

Within 90 days, SFMTA will provide the following information in the requested format:

  1. A preliminary prioritization score.
  2. The relative priority of the requested intersection as compared to other requested intersections.
  3. Whether any work is being planned at that intersection.
  4. Whether an APS is likely to be installed within the next three years.
  5. The name and phone number of a contact person at SFMTA to answer questions about the request.

The Requestor may request reconsideration of the preliminary score within 10 business days by communicating with the SFMTA contact person provided in the response.

For most intersections already equipped with pedestrian signals, SFMTA will complete installation of an APS at funded locations as soon as reasonably possible after receiving funding for the requested location.

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