SFMTA Press Center

Thank you for your interest in the SFMTA. This page contains SFMTA press releases and contact information for our Media Relations staff.

Individual alerts for upcoming re-routes, special service, or construction do not necessarily appear on this page. Instead, please see the Service Outages/Disruptions for such information.

See the SFMTA Photography and Videography Guidelines for information on personal, non-commercial photography and videography, as well as contact information for the San Francisco Film Commission, which handles commercial photography and filming on SFMTA property, including Muni vehicles.

Members of the media who have an SFPD press pass and also need a press parking permit can find that information on our Parking Permit page. 

Press Release Archive 9/6/05 - 5/25/13

Contact Press Room

Erica Kato
Chief Spokesperson & Media Relations Manager
Email: Erica.Kato@SFMTA.com  
Cell: 415.271.7177

Stephen Chun
Deputy Spokesperson
Email: Stephen.Chun@SFMTA.com  
Cell: 415.265.7391

Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory

Advisory covering the traffic and transit impacts from weekend activities around the city.

These advisories are released to the SFMTA’s full press release list each week or as needed. They are not archived.