Oracle Park and Chase Center Special Event Parking Regulations

SFMTA parking meters on blocks within walking distance of Oracle Park and Chase Center operate from 9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 12pm until 10pm on special event Sundays; during special event hours, meters are priced at $11/hour. These policies help make more parking spots available and help reduce congestion by discouraging circling for free or cheap parking near the ballpark and arena.

Current Schedule

Oracle Park and Chase Center Special Event Areas Meter regulations; Special event rates apply during Oracle Park events only in area bounded by King, The Embarcadero, Bryant, 5th, Berry, China Basin, 3rd. Special event rates apply during Oracle Park or Chase Center events in area bounded by China Basin, Terry A Francois, Mariposa, and 7th. Special event rates apply during Chase Center events only in two areas; first, bounded by 7th, 16th, Carolina, and Channel, plus 16th Street west to Vermont; second, bounded by Mariposa, I-280, 22nd St, and the east extents of all streets in this area. Residential permit parking regulations: Residential permit parking enforcement Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 10 pm in areas X and EE, in the area south of 17th and north of 18th between Pennsylvania and Arkansas and the area east of Indiana and west of Illinois between Mariposa and 22nd, as well as Indiana and Minnesota between 23rd and Cesar Chavez.

Event start time Event rate hours in effect
Daily between Noon and 2:59pm Noon to 6pm
Daily between 3pm and 6pm 3pm to 10pm
Daily after 6pm 6pm to 10pm


Events subject to special pricing include all major events at Oracle Park or Chase Center where more than 10,000 attendees are expected to attend, as such events will generate heavy traffic to the neighborhoods around the facility.  This includes all Giants and Golden State Warriors home games, along with concerts and other major events at Oracle Park and Chase Center.

All event dates and times are subject to change. Always check the meter for current rates.

Time limits

Meters have either four-hour time limits or no time limits at all, depending on the location, regardless of whether an event is taking place. Drivers should be sure to check the meter for time limits.

Avoiding parking tickets

Meters in Special Event Areas charge for parking until later in the evening than meters in most other parts of the City. If you do not pay the meter, or you stay for longer than you paid, you may get a ticket, just like you would at any other meter during operating hours. Street signs (shown below) indicate meters on the block are subject to event rates and evening metering. Meter operating hours are shown on parking meter or paystation screens and on the PayByPhone App.  Regulations for parking with a Disabled Placard apply at meters during Special Events, visit the Parking with a Disabled Placard page for more information.

Special Event Area street sign

Special Event Parking sign that reads, "Special Event Area Evening hours Sunday hours Special rates Tow away may apply check the meter"

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