SFMTA Policies

The SFMTA Board of Directors provides policy oversight for the safe and efficient transportation of goods and service in San Francisco in accordance with the San Francisco Charter and the Transit First Policy. This includes the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), automobiles and trucks, taxis, bicycling and walking. The SFMTA Board of Directors also serves as members of the San Francisco Parking Authority.

Here are policies of the SFMTA:


Automated License Plate Recognition Policy

Automatic Fare Indexing Policy

CAC Rules of Order

Committee on Information Technology (COIT) 19B Surveillance Policies (SFMTA-specific)

Contract Approval, Delegation, and Requirements Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policies
Included Policies: Affirmative Action, Discrimination, Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Hires and Promotions

Lobbyist Ordinance

MTA Board Rules of Order

Naming Policy for SFMTA Assets

On-Street Parking Policy

Public Records Requests

Record Retention Policy

SFMTA.com Terms of Use/Privacy

Statement of Incompatible Activities

Sunshine Ordinance

Transit-First Policy