Your Role in Reducing Emissions

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If you and others you know are concerned about climate change, transportation is where you can make some of the biggest impacts. San Francisco’s climate strategies need to be funded, supported, and championed throughout the city. By sharing this message with your family, friends, neighbors, and elected leaders, you can help generate the broad community support needed to make these strategies a reality.

Pedestrians walk in a crosswalk on Market Street

Every San Franciscan can take climate action through their everyday choices. When anyone decides to take a trip by walking, biking, or transit rather than by car, it benefits everyone.   

Five actions you can take:  

  1. Plan out your commute by public transit. Challenge yourself to travel by bus or train at least once a week. Make the journey by bus, metro, ferry or train part of the weekend outing.

  1. Under a mile? Try the trip on foot. 

  1. Don’t own a bike or scooter? Take a test ride with shared bikes and shared scooters. 

  1. Share a ride the next time you’re going out with friends. 

  1. Advocate for policies that will reduce transportation emissions. Call your representatives and speak out at public meetings.

Visit to learn more about what you can do to help the city meet the challenge of climate change.