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A Vision for Sustainability and Climate Action

It is the vision of the Sustainability and Climate Action Program at SFMTA to ensure that the work of the agency helps to improve the quality of life and the environment in San Francisco and the region. The SFMTA is already blazing the trail in the reduction of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e). In conjunction with our city partners, we are committed to continuing to implement critical programs that will enable the city to reach its environmental goals and further reduce emissions, resource consumption and identify greener choices for private vehicles.

The Sustainability and Climate Action Program is guided by a comprehensive network of agency and citywide plans, policies and initiatives. These plans, policies and initiatives establish a strong foundation for a dynamic array of near-term mitigation and adaptation actions and longer-term resiliency efforts to address California’s perennial drought risk, rising sea levels, and other climate change conditions.

Transit First San Francisco adopted its Transit First Policy in 1973 to provide a strong policy foundation for investments in its transit system and the multimodal transportation system. The SFMTA transit system and the bicycle and pedestrian network plays an important role in the local and regional economy by reducing traffic congestion, reducing commute times and energy consumption, and facilitating walking and bicycling trips which collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. San Francisco has led the region and state in transit ridership growth with twenty five percent of trips in 2017 made using transit. The city’s transit mode share has allowed San Francisco’s economic and population growth to significantly outpace increases in transportation sector emissions.

Strategic Plan The 2018 Strategic Plan establishes SFMTA's vision for a city of excellent transportation choices and mission to connect San Francisco through a safe, equitable and sustainable transportation system. The plan sets forth four agency wide goals, two of which highlight the agency's commitment to the environment. Goal 2. Make transit and other sustainable modes of transportation the most attractive and preferred means of travel and Goal 3: Improve the quality of life and environment in San Francisco and for the region further highlight the agencies commitment to its multi-modal transportation system.

2017 Transportation Sector Climate Action Strategy provides a framework for 1) reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the San Francisco transportation sector and 2) increasing the resilience of the San Francisco transportation system to future climate impacts.

San Francisco Citywide Climate Action Strategy The San Francisco Climate Action Strategy commits the City to significantly reduce resource consumption and harmful emissions. The 0-80-100 Roots Framework is the city’s call to action—committing to zero waste by 2020, shift 80% of trips to sustainable trips by 2030, shift 100% sift of energy to renewables by 2030, and support and protect our urban green spaces and promote biodiversity (Roots).

As a leader in providing sustainable transportation options, SFMTA is well positioned to meet the City’s ambitious climate action goals. It is critical that San Francisco continues to invest in transit, walking and bike to ensure it meets the 2030 climate action targets of 80% of trips taken in sustainable modes and 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 Levels.