Climate Goals, Targets and Trends

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Strategic Plan The Fiscal Year 2021-2024 Strategic Plan establishes the vision, values and metrics, and strategic goals to create a city of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods seamlessly connected by safe, reliable, affordable transportation for all. The vision includes a transportation system that combats climate change, mitigates pollution and CO2 emissions from transportation and supports the resiliency and adaptation of the city's infrastructure. This is followed by a goal to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by increasing use of transit, walking and bicycling.


2021 San Francisco Climate Action Plan lays out a climate action framework across six sectors, including the transportation and land use sector. By the year 2030, at least 80% of all San Francisco trips are low-carbon trips—trips by transit, walking, biking, electric vehicles and vehicles with three or more people. By 2030, 25% of private vehicles are EVs, and, by 2040, 100% of private vehicles are EVs. By 2040, the city has net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The plan builds off of the The 0-80-100 Roots Framework established in the 2013 Climate Action Plan as the city’s call to action—committing to zero waste, shifting 80% of trips to sustainable trips by 2030, moving 100% of energy to renewables by 2030, and supporting and protecting our urban green spaces and promoting biodiversity.

As a leader in providing sustainable transportation options, SFMTA is well positioned to meet the City’s ambitious climate action goals. In 2017, San Francisco met and surpassed its interim mode shift goal of 50%.


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