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These links go to 311, where your feedback is logged and referenced. Once submitted, your concerns and comments will receive better review, direction and resolution. In addition, you'll always be able to get back in touch with us using your reference number.

Muni Feedback

Can Muni do better? Let us know how.

Send us a compliment!

Muni service change questions or concerns.

Do you want to follow up on a service request?

Lost and Found

Did you lose something on Muni?

Did you leave something in a taxi?

Transit shelter maintenance

Request transit shelter / transit platform cleaning. 

Report damaged shelter, includes broken glass or other potential hazards.

Report graffiti on a transit shelter.

Muni Forward

Feedback on Muni Forward projects & proposals

Parking Feedback

Parking enforcement concerns.

Parking meter card or parking card online purchase problems.

Questions about or report damage to parking meters.

Questions and Comments about On-Street parking.

Parking garages and lots general feedback

Tickets and Citations Feedback

Having trouble with the parking ticket payment website?

Want to know the status of a citation protest?

Tickets and citations general questions and feedback.

Permit Feedback

Questions about a Residential Parking Permit?

Do you need a DMV abstract to register your vehicle?

What is the status of my permit application/renewal? (Allow 21 days from mail date for processing)


Title VI Discrimination Complaints


Send a compliment or comment.

File a complaint.

Report an unpermitted cab / town car.

Bicycle Feedback

Bicycle general requests and information.

Request a sidewalk bicycle rack.

Request a Bike Sharing location

Report a Damaged Bike Rack

Traffic and Streets

Report faded curbs, crosswalks or pavement lines. (includes graffiti on painted curbs)

Report traffic or parking public property signs needing repairs or cleaning.

Request an Accessible Pedestrian Signal.

Request a New Color Curb.

General Traffic-related concerns and feedback.

Report excessive traffic noise.

Employee Commuter Shuttle Pilot feedback

SFMTA Employee feedback

Submit a compliment for a Muni employee (operator, station agent, custodial or maintenance staff)

Submit a complaint against a Muni employee (operator, station agent, custodial or maintenance staff)

Submit feedback about a Parking Control Officer

Submit feedback about SFMTA Customer Service Center employee

Submit feedback about a non-Muni SFMTA staff member


Send a message to the webmaster

*If you do not see a feedback category that meets your needs, please call 311 (415.701.2311 outside SF).