Our Vision and Bike Program

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More people from all walks of life see their bicycle as a more convenient way to get where they need to go in San Francisco. Since 2006, bicycling has grown by 184 percent and San Francisco adds more than four new bike commuters on an average day.

A big reason for the rise is the city’s growing investment in a network of safer, better bikeways that enable more people across the city to bike with ease.

In San Francisco and cities around the world, we’ve seen that making the improvements needed to make bicycling more attractive gets people to choose bicycling more often. It makes sense, after all: When given the chance to enjoy a fun, affordable and healthy way to get around, why sit in traffic?

Our Vision

The SFMTA's vision is to make bicycling a part of everyday life in San Francisco.

Underpinning this vision are four key goals:

  1. Improve the safety and connectivity of San Francisco's Bike Network
  2. Make bicycling a more convenient transportation option through amenities like better bike parking and an expanded bike sharing system
  3. Use outreach and education to increase bicycle ridership, especially in underserved populations
  4. Plan and deliver projects that make bicycling, and other non-private auto modes, the preferred way of getting around

Vision into Reality

Through our comprehensive vision and work plan, we have delivered new and improved bike facilities throughout the city, with many more to come! Here are just some of the projects we’re working on today:

To learn more about the SFMTA's Bike Program for 2017 to 2022, check out our report, Pedaling Forward