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Yellow Zones/Commercial Loading



Painted yellow curb with stencil that says "SFMTA"

Yellow zones provide curb space for commercial vehicles to load and unload goods and help prevent double parking by commercial vehicles and trucks.  The effective times of yellow zones vary and are indicated by signs on the meter and/or by stencils painted on the curb. Vehicles without a commercial license plate may use yellow zones for up to three minutes for active loading only, and the driver must stay with the vehicle. Vehicles parked in a yellow zone but not loading, or in excess of the time limit for the vehicle type, may be cited and towed.  

Six-wheel truck loading zones are yellow zones specifically for six-wheeled trucks only. They are indicated by signs and red-capped meters.  

Typical uses 

Yellow zones are typically used for businesses or properties that receive or deliver a lot of goods. 


There is no fee associated with a yellow zone application.


Apply for a yellow zone.

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