When you need a lift, San Francisco taxi cabs are here to serve you. Here you can find a taxi stand, get the number for dispatch, check current rates, and call Lost & Found for those pesky items that stayed behind.

Riding taxis in San Francisco
Yellow Cab Taxi Meter | May 6, 2013

Taxi Rates

Want to know about how much a taxi ride will cost? Check here for base fare, meter rates, and additional fees based on types of trips.

A parking lot full of taxis from a variety of companies

Taxi Company Directory

Contact information and color schemes for all taxi companies serving San Francisco.

Taxi Stand | April 18, 2013

Find a Taxi Stand

Locations of stands where you will be guaranteed taxi service.

Taxi Lost and Found

Taxi Lost and Found

How to retrieve items that decided to stay in the cab after your ride ended.

A portion of a taxi's outside, showing the words "San Francisco Taxicab"

Taxi Safety Tips

Important facts to know about identifying and riding in legal taxis.

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