511: Substitute Shuttle Service for Radio and Blue Light Projects 22 hours More...

Radio and Blue Light Projects Factsheet PDF

While the subway is closed to rail service, replacement bus service will be provided between Embarcadero and St. Francis Circle for the J, N, K/T, L and M lines from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.  Regular rail service will continue to operate at outer stops.  In order to ensure that the tunnel is clear of trains at 10 p.m., depending on where you catch the train, service might end as early as 9:30 p.m. (example: Embarcadero may clear as early as 9:30 p.m., whereas Castro last train may be at 9:45 p.m.).  Bus shuttle service will be operational by 9:30 p.m. each night.

Please visit the Muni Subway System Upgrades Project webpage for more information.

 Muni Shuttle Bus Stop During Special Events or Subway Shutdowns

Important Information on Service Adjustments:

Muni Metro customers can board bus shuttles at the island F streetcar line stops adjacent to subway stations on Market Street (look for the yellow half-moon sign).  ​

  • The inbound J Church will end at Church and Market. Customers can transfer to bus shuttle at F streetcar stops on Market Street. Outbound, use the inbound stop to board the outbound J Church.
  • The inbound N Judah will switch back at Church & Duboce. Customers getting off the train can walk one block to Market Street to board shuttle bus to downtown.  Outbound, alight at Church and Market, then walk one block to Church and Duboce.
  • The inbound K Ingleside will end at St. Francis Circle.  Customers can transfer to a bus to travel to downtown.  Outbound, alight at St. Francis Circle and transfer there to a K Ingleside.
  • The inbound M Ocean View from Balboa Park will travel through St. Francis Circle and become the outbound L Taraval to serve the L line stops beyond West Portal.  Inbound L trains from the Zoo will turn into the outbound M line at West Portal. Outbound from Market Street, alight at West Portal Station and transfer on Ulloa at the 48-Route stop: near the station to transfer to the L Taraval and across Ulloa to transfer to the M Ocean View.
  • The T Third Street will switch back at Embarcadero Station except the periods between Aug. 17-Aug. 24, Aug. 31- Sept. 4, and Sept. 6-Sept. 10 when work will take place at Embarcadero. During these periods, the T trains will end at Folsom Street. Bus shuttle service will be extended to Folsom Street.
  • Bus shuttle frequency: approximately every 8 minutes.   

Below is a map showing the service route of the shuttles. A downloadable PDF version of the Bus Shuttle Route Map can also be found on the project website.

Image of Bus Shuttle Service Plan as described on this page

Below are the shuttle stops for inbound and outbound directions. 

Outbound Shuttle Stops (to St. Francis Circle)

Inbound Shuttle Stops (to Downtown)

*Folsom & Embarcadero (curbside)

West Portal and Sloat (curbside)

Market & Drumm (curbside)

West Portal and 14th Ave (curbside)

Market & Battery (island)

West Portal station (curbside)

Market & 2nd St (island)

Forest Hill station (curbside)

Market & Kearny (island)

Market & Castro (curbside)

Market & Stockton (island)

Market & 16th/Noe (island)

Market & Cyril Magnin/5th St (island)

Market & Sanchez (island)

Market & Taylor (island)

Market & Church (island)

Market & Charles J. Brenham/7th (island)

Market & Dolores (island)

Market & Hyde (island)

Market & Guerrero (island)

Market & Larkin (island)

Market & Gough (island)

Market & Van Ness (island)

Market & South Van Ness (island)

Market & Gough (island)

Market & 9th St (island)

Market & Laguna (island)

Market & 8th St (island)

Market & Buchannan (island)

Market & 7th St (island)

Market & Church (island)

Market & 6th St (island)

Market & Sanchez (island)

Market & 5th St (island)

Market & 16th/Noe (island)

Market & 4th St (island)

Market & Castro (curbside)

Market & 3rd St (island)

Forest Hill station (curbside)

Market & Montgomery (island)

West Portal station (curbside)

Market & 1st (island)

West Portal and 14th Ave (curbside)

*Beale & Market (curbside)

West Portal and Sloat (curbside)

*Market & Steuart (curbside)

*Folsom & Embarcadero

Stops marked with an asterisk (*) will be served only when Embarcadero Station is not in service (between Aug. 17-Aug. 24, Aug. 31- Sept. 4, and Sept. 6-Sept. 10).

511: Paint Crew to Extend Transit Only Lanes on Market Street Yesterday More...

The extension of the transit-only lanes on Market Street begins this weekend, Friday, July 31, as part of the Safer Market Street project. View factsheet

The existing transit-only lanes on Market Street will be extended to 3rd Street in both directions improving safety conditions and transit efficiency along the corridor.

Construction work will take place Friday to Sunday between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., with few exceptions. Construction will continue into December, and will only be on weekends that do not coincide with a holiday or special event. The extensions of the transit-only lanes are scheduled to be complete by January 2016. 

The paint crews will begin construction this weekend colorizing the westbound lane on Market Street between 7th and 8th streets, Friday, July 31, to Sunday, August 2. 

During this time between 7th and 8th streets:

  • No traffic will be allowed on the center track lanes 
  • Local access will be permitted in the curbside lane both east and westbound
  • Muni buses will use curbside stops
    • Westbound buses will stop at the curbside 19 and 21 stop
    • Eastbound buses will stop at the curbside 7 and 7R stop
  • Loading zones will not be available

For more information and project updates visit sfmta.com/safermarketst

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San Jose Avenue and Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART) via San Jose (Glen Park BART), 30th, Church, right-of-way from 22nd to 18th, Church, Duboce, Market Street subway to Embarcadero Muni Metro/BART.


Via Market Street subway, Duboce, Church, right-of-way from 18th to 22nd, Church, 30th, San Jose Avenue (Glen Park BART) to Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART).

Muni Metro station served: Van Ness.

Muni Metro/BART stations served: Balboa Park, Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, Embarcadero.

There is no Owl service on the J Church route.

Alternative service

J-CHURCH service area Alternate routes inbound Alternate routes outbound
Upper Market
  • F-MARKET & WHARVES inbound
  • 22-FILLMORE eastbound to 16th/Mission, then BART
  • 33-ASHBURY/18TH eastbound (outbound) to 16th/Mission, then BART
  • F-MARKET & WHARVES outbound
  • BART to 16th/Mission, then 22-FILLMORE westbound
  • BART to 16th/Mission, then 33-ASHBURY/18TH westbound (inbound)
Noe Valley/24th Street
  • 48-QUINTARA/24TH eastbound (inbound) to 24th/Mission, then BART
  • BART to 24th/Mission, then 48-QUINTARA/24TH westbound (outbound)
Outer Noe Valley
  • If only J-CHURCH is affected, 24-DIVISADERO to Castro Street Metro Station, then Muni Metro
  • 14 Mission or 14L Mission Limited
  • If only J-CHURCH is affected, Muni Metro to Castro Street Metro Station, then 24-DIVISADERO
  • 14 Mission or 14L Mission Limited
Outer Mission
  • 14 Mission or 14L Mission Limited
  • BART from Balboa Park or Glen Park station
  • 14 Mission or 14L Mission Limited
  • BART to Balboa Park or Glen Park station


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