511: NextMuni Prediction Issues 2 weeks ago More...

Regarding the travel prediction issues you’ve been experiencing due to inaccurate NextMuni predictions: Some of the longer wait times predicted are completely off and your wait times are often times shorter than indicated.

In some cases, we disabled predictions to avoid displaying inaccurate information. Predictions were disabled for the Muni Metro lines and F Market and E Line streetcars as well as the 1AX/BX, 23, 27, 30, 52 and 66 routes. The inaccurate predictions are due to a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible.

We recognize how important arrival predictions are to planning your trip and how frustrating it can be not to know how long you’ll have to wait. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

While our ability to offer NextMuni predictions remains limited, we were able to work quickly over the past several days to upgrade connections for the majority of our Muni Metro light rail vehicles (trains). As of January 10, NextMuni is correctly showing most Muni Metro train arrivals. Customers who use third-party apps for NextMuni predictions should start seeing improvements on those apps as well. Muni Metro subway screens that display train arrivals will be phased back on the week of January 10-14.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue replacing and reprogramming outdated vehicle modems on the remainder of the Muni fleet.  This work is being completed by Muni staff along with our NextBus partners.

As we work expeditiously to bring NextMuni back online, customers can consult the Frequency Schedule to approximate how often vehicles can be expected and as well as read about how the NextMuni system works. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @sfmta_muni or sign up for Muni Alerts to get the latest updates.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for patience. 

For an explanation, please read the blog post Why Muni Arrival Times Are Off This Week, and How We’re Working to Fix Them.

511: K-Ingleside and J-Church Temporary Service Changes September 2016 More...

We are temporarily rerouting the K-Ingleside and J-Church around the Balboa Park Station starting Tuesday, September 6 until March 2017.

Some of the improvements we’ll be making during the service changes include:

  • Replacing switches and tracks inside the station for long-term maintenance

  • Relocating the three existing poles along the J/K walkway for pedestrian safety

  • Installing a new, accessible platform in the station

  • Upgrading the electrical system and tracks at Ocean Avenue and I-280, where trains enter and exit the Muni Green Yard, adjacent to the station

To minimize impacts to our customers, we coordinated three construction projects’ schedules to work inside the station at the same time – Balboa Park Station Area Improvements, Green Light Rail Track Replacements and BART’s Eastside Connection.

While the three contractors work inside and around the station, the J-Church and K-Ingleside lines will be rerouted around Balboa Park:

Map of reroutes

Map of Reroutes

K-Ingleside Temporary Changes

The first and last stop for the K-Ingleside will be the City College Pedestrian Bridge stop on Ocean Avenue. There will be no direct K service to the Balboa Park Station.

There are two options for K riders to access Balboa Park Station. Muni riders can transfer at Ocean & Lee to the following Muni routes:

  • 29-Sunset (transfer to the Ocean and Lee stop in front of Whole Foods).

  • 49-Van Ness/Mission (transfer to the Phelan bus loop at Ocean and Phelan)

  • 8-Bayshore (transfer to the Phelan bus loop at Ocean and Phelan)

Muni riders can also walk about three accessible blocks from the City College Pedestrian Bridge stop to the Ocean Avenue entrance of the station.





Balboa Park Station boarding island

Board train at Ocean & Lee

Transfer from Routes: 8,29,49

Board train at City College Pedestrian Bridge


Balboa Park Station drop-off area

Exit train at Ocean & Lee

Transfer to Routes: 8,29,49

Exit train at City College Pedestrian Bridge

J-Church Temporary Changes

During this time, the J Church Line will use San Jose Avenue for both inbound and outbound directions. The temporary locations to board and off-board will be as follows:




Balboa Park Station boarding island

Southeast corner of San Jose at Geneva Ave, across the street from the inbound M line stop

 *Accessible boarding at Seneca Ave


Balboa Park Station drop-off area

Existing accessible M line stop on San Jose Ave at Geneva Ave

 *Wayside lift

Thank you in advance for your patience during this time. We know the temporary service adjustments will affect your trips and schedules, but the work we do now is necessary to improve our system for the decades to come.


Live map © 2017 NextBus Inc.
View J-Church in a larger map


San Jose Avenue and Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART) via San Jose (Glen Park BART), 30th, Church, right-of-way from 22nd to 18th, Church, Duboce, Market Street subway to Embarcadero Muni Metro/BART.


Via Market Street subway, Duboce, Church, right-of-way from 18th to 22nd, Church, 30th, San Jose Avenue (Glen Park BART) to Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART).

Muni Metro station served: Van Ness.

Muni Metro/BART stations served: Balboa Park, Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, Embarcadero.

There is no Owl service on the J Church route.

Alternative Inbound Service

Outer Mission
  • BART from Balboa Park or Glen Park station
Outer Noe Valley
  • If only J-CHURCH is affected, 24-DIVISADERO to Castro Street Metro Station, then Muni Metro
Noe Valley/24th Street
  • 48-QUINTARA/24TH eastbound (inbound) to 24th/Mission, then BART
Upper Market
  • F-MARKET & WHARVES inbound
  • 22-FILLMORE eastbound to 16th/Mission, then BART
  • 33-ASHBURY/18TH eastbound (outbound) to 16th/Mission, then BART

Alternative Outbound Service

Upper Market
  • F-MARKET & WHARVES outbound
  • BART to 16th/Mission, then 22-FILLMORE westbound
  • BART to 16th/Mission, then 33-ASHBURY/18TH westbound (inbound)
Noe Valley/24th Street
  • BART to 24th/Mission, then 48-QUINTARA/24TH westbound (outbound)
Outer Noe Valley
  • If only J-CHURCH is affected, Muni Metro to Castro Street Metro Station, then 24-DIVISADERO
Outer Mission
  • BART to Balboa Park or Glen Park station

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