Turk Street Safety Project

Project Overview

Existing conditions

This year the SFMTA will kick off the Turk Street Safety Project. This initiative will include a community conversation about both short-term and long-term safety improvements.

The project is about designing a safer and more comfortable walking and biking environment on the stretch of Turk Street from Market to Gough.

General improvements include: lane reduction to slow traffic, left side running parking protected bike lane, high visibility crosswalks, painted safety zones, traffic signal upgrades, signal timing to reduce speeding, and turn prohibitions to stop drivers from turning on red.

Upcoming meetings

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Latest updates

Project Details

For years, Turk Street has been the site of many traffic injuries and crashes, resulting in its inclusion in the San Francisco High Injury Network, where 12% of streets account for 70% of traffic collisions. The community has voiced concerns about high speeds, cars that don‘t yield to pedestrians, and aging infrastructure. 

As one of the corridors in the WalkFirst Program and Bike Strategy Plan, this project aims to transform Turk into a safer street for people who bike and walk and fill in a gap in the existing bicycle network. 

Project Goals

  • Safer and more comfortable walking and biking environment on Turk Street
  • Create a more predictable and safer driving environment
  • Fill a gap in the existing bicycle network on Turk Street 
  • Involvement of community groups in planning process 


Pedestrian and bicycle collision data on Turk Street point to a corridor needing safety improvements for all road users. Over a five-year period, there were 92 pedestrian and bicycle collisions on Turk Street between Mason and Gough, mostly from turning movements and midblock crossings.

Turk Street is part of the 12% of San Francisco streets that have 70% of the City's most severe pedestrian collisions. This project is in support of Vision Zero and will implement targeted, proven safety improvements on Turk Street, one of the city’s streets that accounts for a disproportionate amount of traffic collisions.

Proposed Design

  • A lane reduction to slow traffic
  • Pedestrian safety features such as high visibility crosswalks, painted safety zones, bulb-outs and traffic signal improvements
  • Maintaining existing commercial and passenger loading zones
  • The initial design proposed a parking protected bikeway in the westbound direction on Turk St. Following review from the SFFD, the proposed design has shifted to a buffered bike lane

Project Timeline

  • Community outreach: May 2016 - February 2017
  • Environmental Review: August 2016 - October 2016
  • Engineering Public Hearing: March 2017
  • SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting: May 2017
  • Implementation: May - July 2017