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SFMTA Advertising Policy

Effective October 16, 2013
A. Purpose

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) operates the seventh largest public transit system in the country and exercises authority under the San Francisco Charter to manage the use by all modes of the City's transportation network.  The SFMTA authorizes advertising on and in SFMTA facilities and property (including, but not limited to, buses, light rail vehicles, trolley cars, stations, parking garages, street furniture, cable cars, historic railcars and fare media) and under SFMTA contracts (hereafter “on SFMTA property”) for the purpose of generating significant revenue to support SFMTA operations.  Advertising shall not interfere with the SFMTA's delivery of transit or other services to the public or with the SFMTA's performance of its many other duties in maintaining the City's transportation network.  Advertising on SFMTA property shall be consistent with the Agency's Strategic goals to:

  1. Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.
  2. Make transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, ride-sharing and car-sharing the preferred means of travel.
  3. Improve the environment and quality of life in San Francisco.
  4. Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

In keeping with its proprietary function as a provider of public transportation, the SFMTA does not intend by accepting advertising to convert its property into an open public forum for public discourse, debate or expressive activity.  Rather, the SFMTA's fundamental purpose is to provide transportation services, and the SFMTA accepts advertising as a means of generating revenue to support its operations.  In furtherance of this discreet and limited objective, the SFMTA retains control over the nature of advertisements accepted for posting on SFMTA property and maintains its advertising space as a limited public forum.  As set forth in Section 2, this Policy prohibits advertisements that could detract from the SFMTA's goal of generating revenue or interfere with the safe and convenient delivery of SFMTA services to the public.  Through this Policy, the SFMTA intends to establish uniform, viewpoint-neutral standards for the display of advertising on SFMTA property.

B. Advertising Standards
  1. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that concerns a declared political candidate or ballot measure scheduled for consideration by the voters in an upcoming election or an initiative petition submitted to the San Francisco Department of Elections.
  2. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that infringes on any copyright, trade or service mark, title or slogan.
  3. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any commercial advertisements that are false, misleading or deceptive.
  4. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that is obscene or pornographic.
  5. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that is clearly defamatory or advocates imminent lawlessness or violent action.
  6. SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any commercial advertising of alcohol, tobacco or firearms.
  7. SFMTA advertising contractors shall post the following language with every advertisement, in a size and location approved by the SFMTA:  "The views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the views of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency."

The SFMTA reserves the right, from time to time, to amend, suspend, modify or revoke the application of any or all of these standards as it deems necessary to comply with legal mandates, or to facilitate its primary transportation function, or to fulfill the goals and objectives referred to herein.  All provisions of this advertising policy shall be deemed severable.

C. Advertising Administration

SFMTA advertising contractors shall be responsible for the daily administration of the SFMTA's advertising in a manner consistent with this Policy and with the terms and conditions of their agreements with the SFMTA. 

This Policy shall be effective upon adoption but shall not be enforced to impair the obligations of any contract in effect at the time of its approval.  It shall be incorporated into any new contract for advertising on SFMTA property.  SFMTA contracts granting advertising rights shall include this Policy as an attachment and require the following:

  1. Any advertising contractor must comply with the advertising standards set forth in this Policy, as they may be amended from time to time.
  2. Any advertising contractor must display only those advertisements that are in compliance with the Policy.
  3. Any pilot programs or experimental advertisements must be approved by the SFMTA in advance.
D. Public Service Announcement Advertising Space

The SFMTA retains a small portion of vehicle advertising for public noticing, called Public Service Announcement (PSA) advertising. PSA space may be made available without charge at different times throughout the year. It can be requested for use by other City agencies, departments and local organizations. All PSA campaigns must adhere to the SFMTA Advertising Policy and any other standards required by the SFMTA. City and community campaign owners will be responsible for the costs of producing the advertisements, coordinating with the contractor for posting and transmitting the advertisements to the contractor for posting. The SFMTA provides the ad space, installation and deadlines for artwork and installation. All PSA artwork must be approved by SFMTA and include SFMTA logo and multilingual 311 tag. Requests for PSA advertising space must be made a minimum of 10 weeks before installation. If space is available, it can be utilized by city campaigns, non profits, etc. Contact Marketing Associate, Cristina Padilla at

Advertise on SFMTA/Muni Vehicles

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Advertise in Transit Shelters and Kiosks

If you are interested in posting advertisements on or inside bus shelters or on SFMTA sales kiosks, please contact:

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Public Service Announcement Advertising Requests

If you are interested in inquiring about our public service announcement (donated) advertising spaces, please contact:

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