Origins of Muni Forward

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At the SFMTA we're working hard to make it easier for Muni riders to get around through a program of projects called Muni Forward. Informed by the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), Muni Forward delivers citywide service improvements and route changes to where they are needed most.

The TEP was an in-depth planning process that has helped to inform and develop a comprehensive overhaul of San Francisco’s transit network, which will make Muni more efficient, reliable, safe, and comfortable for its 750,000 daily passengers. In conjunction with other Muni programs, the TEP built the blueprint for improving mobility for all residents while making Muni a great transportation choice for residents and visitors alike. 

Based on that blueprint, in April 2015 we launched the most significant series of service improvements in decades, aimed at increasing the frequency of Muni service, simplifying the Muni network, and making navigating the system easier for customers. The initial Muni Forward rollout prioritized the bus routes that are the workhorses of our transit system, identifying times of day to enhance frequency and extend service hours. In addition to substantial service increases, eye-catching bus shelter enhancements, and a new vibrant Muni system map designed to facilitate faster commutes, Muni Forward's launch saw the renaming of core bus lines to simplify service as well as every Limited bus line being renamed a Rapid Muni line.