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Locked Seats and Rotating Poles on Muni Buses

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Picture with the first row of forward facing seats circled, to indicate that these are the seats which are being modified.

In 2014, the front rows of forward-facing seats on all Muni buses were locked in their flipped-up position as a safety precaution. In 2016, most of these bus seats were unlocked after buses were retrofitted with new vertical, rotating poles to address the safety concerns.

These seats were locked in response to a bus manufacturer notice of a potential safety risk due to the seat configuration. Unlike other seats on the bus, these seats were not designed with barriers to prevent customers from falling forward in the event of a sudden stop. This issue applied to all Muni buses that started service prior to 2015.

The seats remained locked while the SFMTA found a safety solution that would not prevent customers who use wheelchairs from using the “securement area” provided when the seats are flipped up.

After successful tests in early 2016, the SFMTA installed rotating poles on about 570 buses with locked seats. For cost efficiency, some buses that were due to be retired soon were not retrofitted with the stanchions, and their seats remained locked.

Rotating Poles

A view of the inside of a Muni bus with front forward-facing seats folded down and newly-installed curved metal poles.



These rotating poles are designed for customers using these seats to hold on to, while also being adjustable to provide space for customers using wheelchairs, strollers and other mobility devices.


When the seats are flipped up, a yellow knob at the bottom of the poles can be pulled to unlock it and rotate it out of the way.

Reminder: The front seats on all Muni vehicles are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. See our Accessibility webpage to learn more.





When Standing Near Locked Seats: Mind the Wheelchair Safety Belts

When seats are locked in their flipped up position, the two safety belts for wheelchairs at the base of the seats can pose a tripping hazard to those standing nearby. Please be mindful of these belts for your safety.