San Francisco Muni’s accessible services and features.

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Getting Started on Muni

Getting Started on Muni

The Municipal Railway or Muni provides transit service that is accessible to seniors and persons with disabilities 24/7.

Access on Muni Buses

Access on Muni Buses

The SFMTA provides accessible bus service on a comprehensive network of routes. The bus fleet includes electric trolley coaches, clean diesel coaches and hybrid low-floor vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with a variety of features to make bus travel easier and more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities.

Muni passenger, Bruce Oka, using the accessible areas on Muni | September 25, 2012

Access on Muni Metro

The Muni Metro light rail system features six lines serving downtown and neighborhoods in the western and southeastern parts of San Francisco. Downtown, the Metro runs underground and all stops are accessible. In the neighborhoods, trains run at street level and accessible stops are located at major destinations and transfer points.

Disabled passenger uses streetcar accessibility ramp to disembark | March 11, 2013

Access on Historic Streetcars

Enjoy your ride on our historic streetcars. They are accessible and are a lot of fun to ride.

Transit Connections

Bay Area Transit Connections

Accessible public transportation options and connections throughout the greater Bay Area, including BART, Caltrain, AC Transit, and more.

Travel Training

Travel Training

Free Travel Training is available for individuals who would like to improve their transit skills or gain more experience using the Muni system. 

Nofomuli Finaulahi, an SF Paratransit Operator, helps Bruce Oka onto the San Francisco Paratransit Bus the "Grayce Reagan" at Fort Point in front of the Golden Gate Bridge | September 25, 2012 | 120925_342_ADA.jpg


For customers who are unable to independently use public transit because of a disability or disabling health condition, the SFMTA offers a van and taxi program to qualified residents.

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