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Parking & Curb Management

The Parking and Curb Management Group manages public parking assets to achieve the SFMTA's strategic goals and to raise revenue to support transit and active transportation. The Group includes the Curb Management and Off-Street Parking teams.

The Curb Management team sets policies and regulations for parking and loading at the City's hundreds of miles of curb.  These include, among others:

  • The demand-responsive parking program, which sets rates at the City's 26,000 paid parking spaces based on demand for those spaces
  • The Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program, which regulates about 75,000 residential parking spaces, including a project to reform RPP to better align it with the needs of 21st Century San Francisco
  • Neighborhood parking and curb management plans
  • The Vehicle Sharing Program, providing permits to shared cars and mopeds
  • The Color Curb Program, which processes requests from businesses and organizations for loading and short-term parking near their locations
  • The Shared Spaces Program, which began as a pandemic-response program to allow businesses to use the curb lane for business activity or pickups/dropoffs

The Off-Street Parking team oversees 38 parking garage and lot facilities with more than 15,000 total spaces. Many of the garages offer various services and amenities, including valet, car sharing, electric scooter sharing, special discounted carpool rates, merchant validation, shuttle programs, electric vehicle chargers, secured bicycle parking and more.

    Curb Management Services and Updates

    Off-Street Parking Services