Muni Fleet

Comprised of historic streetcars, biodiesel and electric hybrid buses, electric trolley coaches, light rail vehicles, paratransit cabs and vans, and the world-famous cable cars, Muni has one of the most diverse vehicle fleets in the world.


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At dawn Cable Car 15 prepares for another trip through San Francisco at the Hyde Street Turnaround

Cable Cars

Invented in San Francisco in 1873, the city's cable cars survived the 1906 earthquake and two World Wars to become a worldwide symbol of San Francisco. Get the facts on the open-air cars that run along mile-long moving cables.

Streetcars at Beach Yard | June 17, 2012

Historic Streetcars

Colorful and beautifully restored streetcars from around the country and the world travel through The Castro, down Market Street, and along The Embarcadero.

Electric Trolley Coach on Market Street

Muni Trolley (Electric) Coaches

Energy-efficient electric trolley coaches run on electric power lines overhead, reducing emissions and maintenance costs for the city.

New Flyer Muni Hybrid Bus | May 28, 2013

Muni Hybrid Buses

Our alternative fuel and diesel buses help reduce emissions and connect surrounding communities with central San Francisco.

Muni LRV's pass stop during the morning rush hour to pick up passengers at Forest Hill Station | July 18, 2012

Muni Metro Light Rail

Our modern, quiet, all-electric light rail trains run both above and below ground.

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