Divisions & Units

Policy & Governance Committee (PAG)

Responsibilities The primary functions of the Policy & Governance Committee of the SFMTA Board of Directors are: Assist the Board in the task of overall governance, including considering and recommending policies and procedures concerning the Board’s...

Policy, Process & Practice Improvement Section

Policy, Process & Practice Improvement is the unit within the Office of Racial Equity & Belonging (OREB) that conducts research, change management processes and strategic planning to implement agency equity goals. The Policy, Process & Practice...

Program Delivery

Our Responsibilities Project Management Evaluate, develop and manage the planning, design and construction of all Capital Projects and infrastructure required to provide a reliable, safe and efficient transportation system Develop, implement, and...

Parand Maleki

Parand Maleki

Program Delivery Deputy Director

Project Controls

Our Responsibilities Provide management controls and support for all capital projects Provide timely and effective communication of capital program status to all internal and external stakeholders; Continuously improve and/or develop key business...

Project Controls & Support

The Project Controls and Support unit reports to the Director of Capital Programs & Construction.

Elena Baranoff

Project Controls and Support Lead

Project Management Office (PMO)

SFMTA Project Management Office The SFMTA Project Management Office (PMO) supports the effective execution of all SFMTA projects, by maintaining a shared project culture, agency-wide and uniform process, and defining metrics for the SFMTA’s complete...

Quality Management

Our responsibilities Establishing, implementing and continuous monitoring of the Quality Management System for design, procurement and construction to provide management with the confidence that the quality necessary for safe and reliable operation...

Bijan Ahmadzadeh

Bijan Ahmadzadeh

Quality Management Deputy Director

Revenue Collection & Sales

Citations Processing and Parking Permits Oversight of the processing, payment, review and customer service associated with the approximately 1.5 million parking and transit citations issued annually and generating approximately $90 million in revenue...


System Safety reports to the Director of Transportation Our Responsibilities Providing a safe environment for riders, employees and the citizens of the City and County of San Francisco and maintaining a Safety Program that attains an optimum level of...

Safety Budget & Administration

Incident Database- Managing the SFMTA Incident Database (TransitSafe), upgrade project (Intelex), and data entry processes. DriveCam- Managing the DriveCam System, working with Transit Operations to review DriveCam Events and improve Safety.


Scheduling is a department of Planning, Scheduling & Safety Services (PS3).

Security & Investigations

Security, Investigations and Enforcement (SIE) provides all security, fare enforcement, and investigative services for the SFMTA, including: Proof of Payment Unit – Conducts inspections for fare compliance on all SFMTA vehicles, bus stops, rail...

Shelter and Platform Maintenance

General Description The CSO Shelter & Platform Maintenance Section oversees the maintenance of bus shelters and rail platforms, advertising and revenue generation from SFMTA assets. The service is managed as an enterprise public-private partnership...

Lisa Ising

Superintendent - Shelter & Platform Maintenance

Strategic Communications

Oversees internal and external communications to highlight the expansive role that SFMTA plays as San Francisco’s transportation manager. Working across various divisions, the Strategic Communications Team provides communications and outreach...